All Our Kin – 414 Chapel Street

414chapel mainAll Our Kin has found a new location for its organization to do the vital work of enabling quality child care in our neediest communities. Their work enables parents to work in support of their families, while their children receive the nurturing so critical to their development. All Our Kin has signed a long term lease to occupy 3,500 square feet in the office complex at 414 Chapel Street in New Haven, CT.

All Our Kin is a rare kind of Not for Profit organization. It is one of the few that can claim to support both workforce development and child care simultaneously. The unique mission of All Our Kin is to create and deliver programs that allow child care providers to successfully run child care initiatives in the communities that most need them. This mission enables the child care providers to have access to education, livable wages and benefits and earn respect for the high value job of caring for our children. Just as importantly, parents are supported with safe, educational and affordable child care options so that they can work. And their children gain the benefits of beginning their lives with some of the advantages, tools and experiences that all in our society should receive. All Our Kin trains and supports over 250 low income parents and educators each year, who in turn serve nearly 1,500 children.

Dow Realty is glad to have helped in finding a home for this valuable organization.


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